Agile Uprising Podcast Schedule

January 30, 2022
  • The Library of Agile with Mike Dougherty and Pete Oliver-Krueger

    This week we welcome back our frequent collaborators, the Mad Dog Mike Dougherty and Pete "OK" Oliver-Krueger to discuss their maturity tool AMMI, which is part of their Library of Agile product. We talk about what this tool actually does, how useful it is and where you can apply it, and we even go into examples of successful application of this tool in their work experiences. Enjoy!

February 6, 2022
  • Agile in Nonprofit with Diane Leonard

    We inherently understand the iterative-based, small-chunks-of-work that is "agile" does that apply to the phase-gated, giant grant process that most non-profits have to navigate? To answer this question we brought in an expert; join us this week as we sit down with Diane Leonard, founder of Agile in Nonprofits to talk us through how they apply lean thinking to what they do. Enjoy!