Agile Uprising Podcast Schedule

March 14, 2021
  • Decision Latency Theory with Jim Johnson

    How fast does your team make a decision? Does the speed at which you make decisions impact your probability of success? Based upon Jim Johnson of the Standish Group's reasearch, it would appear so! Join us as we sit down with him to talk about decision latency theory as well as how to build a "winning hand" that helps guarantee success. Enjoy!

March 21, 2021
  • Holacracy with Brian Robertson

    Holacracy? Sociocracy? What's the difference? Didn't Zappos have a hard time adopting this? In this episode we sit down with the man who wrote the book, Brian Robertson, to have an honest conversation about what holacracy is, how it works, and we disect some of the more public struggles with adoption. Enjoy!

March 28, 2021
  • Agile and HR - BFF's?

    In this episode, host Andy Cleff chats with guests Wayne Tarken, Mitch Goldstein, and Jonathan Schneider about Agility in HR.... and HR supporting Organizational Agility.

April 4, 2021
  • Quality as an Attitude with Søren Pedersen

    In this episode, Andy Cleff and Mike Caddell chat with guest Soren Pedersen about the drivers of quality.

    If organizations are to be successful at creating high-quality products they need the right kind of management commitment, organization-wide communication, safety, and transparency.

    In short - they need more than “the right” framework, they need the right kind of attitude.

April 11, 2021
  • Tame Your Workflow with Steve Tendon

    Theory of Constraints? Isnt that just for manufacturing? How do we apply that to knowledge work? Well, join us as we sit down to discuss Tameflow with its creator, Steve Tendon, who answers that and so much more! "If you have nothing to do... Go fishing!" Enjoy!