Agile Uprising Agile Manifesto Review

One of the very few things that all agile practitioners can agree on, is that the event that set off a million agile journeys was the writing/signing of the Agile Manifesto in 2001.  The event took place over 3 days in Snowbird, Utah and featured 17 respected thought leaders focused on improving the state of software development and the harmonize some principles around light-weight process.

What came out of the event was a resounding statement to the world of software engineering about what we will continue to hold valuable and important.  This was codified in the format of 4 simple values and 12 principles.  Over the 15 years that have elapsed, neither the values or principles have been modified.  This was the keystone event in the modern era of software development and product delivery.

Since 2001, there have been various attempts to discuss the event with the 17 signers, but we are unaware of anyone that has reconciled with all signers in an organized fashion.  Several board members from the Agile Uprising took the task on to execute such a reconciliation.  We are still early in the effort, but have completed some interviews and even turned up one signers original event notes, which we are making freely available (with permission) on the Agile Uprising Coalition.

Some of the intended purposes of the effort will be to tell the completed story; what were the signers doing prior to the event, how did they get invited, what do they remember of the event itself, and what do they think of the state of agile since 2001.

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Andy Hunt’s Original Event Notes

Jon Kern’s Original Event Notes