Paul Elia Joins Agile Uprising Board of Directors

The Agile Uprising is pleased to welcome Paul Elia to our Board of Directors

Paul is a pragmatic and broadly technical Agile/DevSecOps practitioner with 30+ years experience in software engineering, product management, executive management, management consulting, and lean startups.

In his day job, he serves as Group Vice-President and DevSecOps Center for Enablement Lead for SunTrust Bank based in Atlanta, GA.

Paul graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte where obtained a BS in Computer Science and an MS in Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence. He is a lifelong learner with bunch of certifications that he annually decides to whether to renew or let expire.  Next up to expire: PMP.  RIP, PMP!

When not being forced to drink good beer in his new role on the AU board, Paul enjoys running edible test-and-learn experiments in his vegetable garden, cheering on the Atlanta Braves, winning poker games, and smoking good cigars.  He lives in Marietta, GA with his wife, Kriste, and daughters, Reese and Max.

Catch up with Paul on the board, connect with him on LinkedIn, and maybe tweet at him or follow him on Twitter @Paul_V_Elia.