Leadership from the bottom

I am a developer

I am not the engine that moves the machine.
I am a small cog in the system.
I am important, but often unseen.
I can be damaged and still function,
but everything functions a little worse.
I am never alone.

I am not loud and my voice doesn’t carry far,
but I am not the voice in the wilderness.
I am the light in the dark.
I am a small open flame that flickers in the wind.
My fire is small, but it can catch hold.

My power is in the small little moments of every day.
It is the person that I help beside me.
It is the question I turn to reality;
The flash of understanding I foster;
The person I delight with surprise.
It is the heart I warm with my flame.

I do not move the mountains,
I pick up a spade and move a shovel of earth;
One single action, one single movement, one single day.

My wins are measured in people joining me.
Two shovels, three and four.
Small changes always, but cumulative.
The small flame that becomes a grass fire.

My successes are sometimes hard to see.
I only rarely see the breakthroughs.
The work is hard and sometimes my labour takes long to flourish,
Often with no witness when the light in the eyes occurs,
The connection is made.

So I toil, though the game is long.
I celebrate my wins when I see them.
I let the losses wash away with the fading day.

I am a developer.
I lead from the bottom.