Agile Uprising Welcomes Brad Stokes to the Board of Directors

Welcome to the Monkey House!

The Agile Uprising is pleased to welcome Brad Stokes as the latest addition to our esteemed Board of Directors.

Brad is a seasoned UI/UX developer of over 18 year’s experience. He is a strong believer and advocate for craftsmanship in code. In recent years, Brad has specialized in the delivery of high quality working software that not just meets clients and users’ needs – it also looks and feels right. He has worked in wide a variety of roles with learning being a central theme.

Having worked in challenging environments, Brad understands how important it is for team members to be supported through the process of achieving a vision. He applies his knowledge of scrum and agile to help others reach their potential. Solid technical practice, such as mixed with solid communication and transparency are tenants he tries to live by.

He is the classic IT geek who enjoys programming for fun in his downtime. When he isn’t joining in conversations about agile online or looking after a couple of furry foster friends, you can probably find him on the mats working towards his black belt in Hapkido or at home with his family.

He lives in Australia, but acknowledges whilst everything over here can probably kill you, most things will leave you alone. Great white sharks don’t walk on land, funnel web spiders prefer mice. The box jellyfish, crocodiles, bird-eating spiders and cassowaries all live up north. The jack jumping ant lives in Tasmania and most venomous snakes run the other way. Even he will admit punching on with a kangaroo is a very bad idea.

Catch up with Brad at the coalition, connect with him on LinkedIn, and tweet at him or follow him on the twitter.