Fake Agile?

Join the Agile Uprising Discord Server! Our new discord is absolutely free! Troy Lightfoot, Andrew Leff, Paul Elia have a spirited discussion about the Steve Denning Forbes Article “Understanding Fake Agile” http://agileuprising.libsyn.com/fake-agile Forbes Article: https://www.forbes.com/sites/stevedenning/2019/05/23/understanding-fake-agile/ Powered by WPeMatico

Start Writing Now: Overcome your fears

Originally posted: https://bradstokes.blogspot.com/2012/03/what-in-name.html One of the biggest barriers for people writing is the dreaded writer’s block. With blogging, twitter and status feeds the illness strikes just as hard and just as often. Unfortunately the added pressure of immediate feedback and […]

Beyond dogmatism: 6 ways to move towards understanding

Originally posted at: http://www.agileuprising.com/beyond-dogmatism-6-ways-to-move-towards-understanding/ Consider the following questions: Have you ever had those conversations where it felt as if you were standing on a mountain hollering at the sky? Had a debate where there was there a lot of noise and […]