What is pragmatism? Why do I care? How do I practice it?

Pragmatism is possibly one of those words you’ve heard 1000 times and feel confident you know what it means. I did. On the surface, it seems like a straightforward concept. The definition is simple: Pragmatism /’praɡmətɪz(ə)m/ (noun) : an approach that evaluates theories […]

Why gratitude matters: 6 benefits of practicing gratitude

Originally published at: http://www.agileuprising.com/gratitude-matters-6-benefits-practicing-gratitude/ When was the last time you stopped and thought, “My God, I am so incredibly lucky.”? When was the last time you felt true gratitude for those around you and the fortune in your life? If you […]

Start Writing Now: Overcome your fears

Originally posted: https://bradstokes.blogspot.com/2012/03/what-in-name.html One of the biggest barriers for people writing is the dreaded writer’s block. With blogging, twitter and status feeds the illness strikes just as hard and just as often. Unfortunately the added pressure of immediate feedback and […]