Laugh, Learn, Connect…

In 2017 we released the 12 Days of Agile – a dozen podcasts, each chatting about one of the Agile Manifesto Principles (clever, ay?)

Then we ignored the budding tradition for three years, focusing instead on our regular weekly episodes.

Buckle your seat belts for something new to close out 2020

Stay tuned for a series of virtual Pecha Kucha – visual storytelling videos that celebrate (what’s left of) humanity.

Shortly we be releasing 20:20 videos every other day or so from folks including:

  • Bobby Pantall
  • Dr Jen Frahm and Lena Ross (@LenaEmelyRoss @jenfrahm)
  • Mitch Goldstein
  • Jason Little (@jasonlittle)
  • Lois Kelly (@LoisKelly)
  • and many more….

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