2020 WTF Episode 02

Pecha Kucha 2020 WTF with Dr Jen Frahm & Lena Ross

To say 2020 has been a roller coaster of a year is an understatement. But have the headline events of this year overshadowed the great things that have also taken place?

Let’s dig a little deeper and review 2020 from a few perspectives for a more balanced view.

About the creators: Dr Jen Frahm & Lena Ross

Both Lena Ross and Dr Jen Frahm are experienced change facilitators with experience in delivering change and building change capability in a large number of organisations (NAB, ANZ, AGL, Melbourne Water, Aurecon, Mercer Financial Services, BHP, Honda, VMware, Energy Australia, Virgin Velocity, Sportsbet to name a few).

They are both skilled educators and coaches with backgrounds in learning and development and academia and are known for being at the frontier of change, agile and learning. They are straight shooters with an empathic approach.

They published their books ‘Hacking for Agile Change’ and ‘Conversations of Change – A guide to implementing workplace change’ in 2017 and formed the Agile Change Leadership Institute in 2019 after several successful collaborations. They launched their co-authored ‘Agile Change Playbook’ in August 2020.

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