2020 WTF Episode 06

Agile 2020: WTF? The Insanity of it All

Daniel Mezick helps Agile Uprising close out the year with his take on 2020.

Agile Uprising asked for the “WTF-able items” of 2020; Daniel Mezick selected and delivered five (5) of the many available in 2020, for your listening pleasure. Beware of 1 or 2 “F bombs,” expressed in a spirit of solidarity with the wonderful folks at Agile UprisingĀ 

About the creator

Dan is the originator of OpenSpaceAgility.com, a caller of bullshit, author of 3 books on organizational change, and a co-founder of TheOpenLeadershipNetwork.com. He’s been teaching and coaching Scrum and Agile-related since 2007.

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