Scrum Masters will change the world of work with Vasco Duarte

Vasco Duarte, Brad Stokes and James Gifford discuss how the Scrum Master role will change the world of work.

Scrum Masters are people who care about improving the world of work (they do that with their teams every day) and are committed to that mission. Unfortunately some reason, people feel “ashamed” of being called Scrum Master, and quickly change to Agile Coach in their title. However, they should be proud of their work as Scrum Masters! The three delve into the world of collaboration and creating cooperative, creative workplaces.

Vasco is organising an event for Scrum Masters (specifically for that role):, and with the goal to help Scrum Masters be proud of their role and actively contribute to improving the world of work.

Vasco recently wrote about the vision of the transformation he sees coming in the article named: “Scrum Masters are the future CEO’s”, and would like to have the opportunity to share this message, as well as promote the event to your audience.

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