Bob Galen: The OG Badass of Agile Coaching

Agile Uprising board member Chris Murman welcomes our good friend and all-around wise wizard Bob Galen to talk about his new book titled Extraordinarily Badass Coaching: The Journey From Beginner To Mastery and Beyond. If you want an e-copy (Mobi, Epub, and PDF) the best way to get it is on Leanpub. Here’s a coupon code for a discounted copy.

In the pod, we discuss how we got where we are with the role of Agile Coach, the struggles people find in the role, and what an improvement in the work could mean for teams. 

Bob mentions the Agile Coaching Growth Wheel a few times in the recording. More information can be found here:
Also, Mark Summers and Bob have collaborated with Comparative Agility to create an Agile Coaching PI (Personal Improvement) assessment that is free. It’s a wonderful learning and development tool for agile coaches

Finally, you can also download a free copy of Agile Reflections for Agile Coaches e-book from Leanpub here by setting the slider to $0.
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