Simplicity: Should you do more of doing less?

Chris Murman and Andy Cleff have a fireside chat about the principle of simplicity: the art of maximizing the amount of work not done.
Should you do more of doing less?
Topics include:
  • Uncover the Truth about Simplicity and Agile
  • The Power of Standardization
  • Simplifying Complex Product Development
  • Eliminating Waste in Methods & Frameworks
  • Boosting Creativity and Collaboration
  • Simplified UX: The Secret Behind Google’s Aesthetic and Effective Designs!
  • Unleashing Organizational Balance
  • Unlocking Success: The Key to Faster Results thru Simplicity
  • The Power of Doing Less: DevOps and Automation Revolutionize Work
  • Escape the Busy Life: Finding time for simple pleasures in a fast-paced world
  • Simplifying Your Approach for Transformation
  • The Root Causes of Complexity and Chaos in Organizations
  • Simplifying Interactions for Optimal Scaling

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