Agile Uprising 7-Year Anniversary: 2023

The crew (Jay Hrscko, Brad Stokes, Chris Murman, James Gifford, Andy Cleff, Troy Lightfoot, and Andrew Leff) get together to celebrate seven years of continuous weekly podcasts: 899,245 unique downloads. 380 releases. 

We reminisce about all the shenanigans we’ve been up to. We spill the beans on our favorite episodes, spill the tea on memorable moments, and shine a light on a few of the growth spurts we’ve had – personally and professionally.  (Kind of like looking back at our awkward teenage years, but with more Agile and less acne.)

We share our love for and give shoutouts to the diverse gang in the Uprising Discord community.  No matter where we’re headed, we’re doing it together. 

Let’s raise a virtual glass to the Uprising, our podcast guests, listeners… and all the amazing folks who’ve joined the ride. It has been a rollercoaster, and we’re strapping in for the next loop-de-loop.

Cheers to a million downloads! 

VideoCast Version:

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