Stretching Team Communication Muscles with the Kantor Four-Player Model

Are you ready to transform your team’s communication dynamics? Dive into this episode of the Agile Uprising podcast, where host Andy Cleff explores using David Kantor’s four-player model to cultivate continuous improvement in high-performing teams.

In This Episode:

  • Overview of the Four-Player Model: Learn about the mover, follower, opposer, and bystander roles and how each contributes to or hinders team collaboration.
  • Interactive Team Exercise: Andy walks through a retrospective exercise designed to help team members identify and adopt different communication styles, enhancing understanding and flexibility.
  • Sustained Improvement Strategies: Gain insights on integrating these concepts into your team’s daily interactions through deliberate practice and feedback.

Whether you’re leading a development squad or coaching an executive leadership team, understanding and applying these concepts can lead to more effective and collaborative environments.

Key Takeaways:

  • Balanced team dynamics lead to better decision-making
  • Conscious role adoption can build empathy and self-awareness
  • Continuous practice and commitment are crucial for lasting improvement

Ready to Stretch Your Team’s Communication Muscles?

Give the retrospective exercise a try and experience first hand the impact of balanced communication styles.

Deeper Dive into the Four Player Model and Full Retro Details:

For info on Kantor and his body of work, see 

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