Virtues for the Change Journey: Episode 3: Alliances – Joining Forces

Image of network of human connectionsIn this episode of the Agile Uprising podcast, host Andy Cleff explores the importance of building alliances to support continuous improvement. He discusses how alliances can enhance both individual’s and teams’ journeys by providing diverse perspectives, psychological safety, and interpersonal trust. 

The pod explores four types of alliances (that come from the Rebels at Work Group): 

  1. Support Pack: A group focused on execution, helping figure out the “how” in a pragmatic way
  2. Wild Pack: Creative thinkers who provide bursts of brave, innovative thinking.
  3. Caring Pack: Soul nurturers attuned to group dynamics and our all-so-human vulnerabilities.
  4. Inner Board: Individuals who offer direct, wise counsel and help navigate cross-functional boundaries.

…and offers practical advice on how to cultivate these alliances and how to leverage them for meaningful and sustainable improvement the journey of meaningful change.

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