Books Mentioned in Agile Culture Through Transformation Talk

While delivering this talk, I make mention to multiple books.  I would not have been able to create a list in the 140 character limit of twitter, so here is the list to the best of my memory 🙂

The Phoenix Project – A great novel that tells a story of how lean principles translate from manufacturing to IT.  Also great at creating personas that most development teams have and how to help steer them towards a higher level of performance.

Lean Startup – Application of rapid experimentation, validated metrics and how you can create growth engines.

Start with Why – An amazing book on how to help find your own meaning and purpose and how that can be applied to help craft better organizations.

Leaders Eat Last – An appropriate level dive into the neuroscience of happiness and how strong leaders can recognize the intrinsic motivations that drive individuals.

Drive – The go-to book on motivating individuals and teams.

Management 3.0 – A great collection of practices and exercises to improve team motivation and engagement.

Running Lean –  An approach to applying lean canvas to product development and how to quickly iterate through ideas to turn concepts to cash.